Songhee Kim Barresi, was born in Busan, South Korea. She enjoyed Creating fashionable designs since she was a little girl.

She graduated from college in 1997 and followed her dream to develop her own ideas of fashion that are pure and attentive to the smallest of details.

She arrived in Italy to expand her khowledge of the designing discipline and study its finer details.

After she completed her studies at the Institute of Secoli in Milan, she launched into the italian high fashion industry, collaborating for “the Class” of Roberto Cavalli and Verri, Annapiù Tricot.

In 2005, she married Alberto Barresi, founder of Milano Luxury srl. She then dedicated herself to the sales and marketing of her husband’s company.

Encouraged by her husband to pursue her natural flair and creative talent, she returned to her earnest wish to creat a deeply inspired jewellery collection which carries her name Songhee.

In 2014, she introduced the brand “Barresi Milano” which is associated with Alberto Barresi of Milano Luxury srl.


BARRESI Milano is born of over two decades of experience in the world of Luxury Style.

Analysing the most diverse realities and cultivating a direct and close contact with the production sphere, we have seen a real and burgeoning orientation towards a glamorous style, outstanding Italian design and fine Italian manufacture.

Our goal is to redefine the style of the accessory as an evergreen element based on its uniqueness.

We have chosen to work with the best operating partners to achieve the best results, aiming to join the long-standing quality of their skills with modern and innovative styles to the context of our heritage for a sophisticated product Handmade in Italy.

Our woman is not representative of a single woman, but of multiple women, each representing a different facet of herself. She is independent, ironic and original. We see her as being always comfortable with herself; we want to make her authentic and, at the same time, changing in line with her life stages.

“My dream was to create something special and unique that keeps the significance of the english translation of my name “EVERGREEN PINE TREE”.
As a person who tries to live a conscientious life, we have created a collection for all women who appreciate the beauty in fine detail and its intricate facets.
It is my wish to express and share the simple and natural form of each piece so that it may be a source of inspiration for the whomever carries it.
Every piece of the bag collection tries to stay in harmony with nature and elegantly simple things in life”.